Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Batfleck Speaks!


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  1. It's good to praise his girls but Dads & boys rock too. Ben should quit enabling the feminazis (of both sexes!) by his downing of himself & his son for self-deprecation is too easily an unwitting inverted form of pride. If his so-called "fans" don't like him being Batman, that's their problem and unless they limit it to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, they're not true fans and should stuff it or quit pretending to be fans; join the adults please. I've not seen him since ages ago in Good Will Hunting, but from what little I've seen he seems a dear guy who should be cheered against his detractors; those who can, do (Ben), those who can't, criticize (his detractors). Dads & husbands rock! God gave you to your family for them to see what God looks like. If that doesn't drive a guy to prayer for His help! Go dear Ben.